English tuition Having taught writing classes as well as created courses for various prep schools for the LPI, the SAT test and the IELTS test, I know what constitutes an acceptable and a high level performance. Again, a large part of my experience comes from working with students who have since gone on to Cambridge, McGill, UBC, Princeton and their target colleges.

This service does not include writing essays for students as such a thing does a disservice to a student’s learning and development. I give students the tools to read a comprehension and text correctly and then to eloquently write their own ideas. While teaching former students who were eventually accepted by their target universities such as Harvard and Stanford, I showed them the qualities of what constitutes a good critique and a good essay. We went through an array of passages, including Social Studies, Language Arts, International Baccalaureate and SAT texts. There is an endearing bond that comes from such dialogue and college application discussions. To this day, a fair number of these students have contacted me during their college break to continue our essay diatribes and to discuss the challenges of college life.

Please note, I am currently only giving tuition to college applicants and will resume normal English tuition in 2021. Please email me if you would like to get hold of my online writing course (to aid with areas of your choice including–how to improve in Language Arts Assignments, the Graduate Literacy Assessment Test & SAT Writing) which is done via weekly 30 min weekly consultation, writing materials, assignments and my writing critique.

Student Counselling and Mentoring I use my UBC counseling and current coaching training to help students. But a large part of my help comes from actual experience working with students who have since gone on to their dream colleges and who have received American and Canadian scholarships. I’ve also counselled students who have shared various issues such as not fitting in with peer groups, being victims of bullying, low self-esteem and test anxiety. Parents have and can come for private sessions to receive support and discuss how to help their children manage certain challenges. Confidentiality is always maintained and respected.

You can contact me at MichWg88[at]yahoo.com for any enquiries. I usually respond within a 24 hour time frame.