“VSS365 Anthology”
Short Story Anthology: Volume One

2019 out of over 1000 International Entries

“And Yet”
Fish International Short Story Prize
2018/2019 Long-list out of 1260 International Entries

“A Great Undying”.
Writer’s Digest Annual Writing Competition, Literary Short Story

2017 Honourable mention, out of 5000 International Entries

“When A Chicken Talks to a Duck”
Fish Publishing Short Story Prize

2016/17 Long-list out of 1300 International Entries

“The Hum of a Hundred Airplanes” Short Story Collection, Manuscript.
(Previously “A Great Undying” Short Story Manuscript)
2015 Short-list for the Asian Canadian Emerging Writer’s Book Award

“Let the Anvil Sing”
Lorian Hemingway Short Story Competition

2014 Honourable mention, out of 938 International Entries

“The Principle of Uncertainty According to Hal Bruno”
2007 Semi-finalist, Write-movies Competition

2007 Honourable mention, Script Savvy Competition

“Slip” Drama Script
Eighth finalist of the 2006 Page International Screenwriting Awards, 2500 worldwide script entries.
Quarter finalist of the 2006 Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards, 1285 script entries.

“Madam White Snake & Billy Buckwheat” Television Drama
Winner of 2003 CityTV “Vancouver’s Story Initiatives”

Winner, Drama Competition with 4 other broadcast license recipients.

“Fly On the Wall”, Full Length Play
1997 Finalist of the Canadian National Play Competition, Theatre BC. Full Length Comedy
1995 Winner of the Women in View Festival Recommender Award and Dramaturgy award